Conferences and Events

The ATOCP host a range of continuing profession development events, combination of virtual and in person. 

The ATOCP offer CPD session to our members, these are a combination of virtual and in-person. The regional branches host these sessions and they will have speakers from the local region.  The sessions have moved to a virtual platform in a high percentage of cases and are open to all members of the ATOCP. Some branches have started to host the in=person events and these will have a bias toward the members with in the host region. 

So far in 2023

CPD event Sept 2023

Orthopaedic Research UK and the ATOCP are collorbating to present and evening CPD session on Frozen Shoulder and ACL treatment. September 5th, to join  Free webinar: ACL rupture and frozen shoulder | 5 September — Orthopaedic Research UK (







Conference and events

March 2023: London Branch hosted a 2 day event around Major Trauma with talks around complex seating, dietetics in trauma, vestibular and aspen spines. The event was a great success, with lots of positive feedback. Many physiotherapists submitted abstracts, and it is great to see so much work being done in the field of T&O. 






Events in 2022:

Saw the return of the South Central in person event, held at Poole Hospital. The theme this year was UL with great interactive sessions. 

The ATOCP held virtual CPD sessions around T&O topics

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