The Benefits

The benefits of being an ATOCP member

ATOCP members receiving their prizes

What membership offers

Educational evenings and events: are organised throughout the year. This ranges from evening virtual and in person lectures to our annual conference.

Peer support/mentorship: Members have access to local and regional committee members for advice and support. The CSP holds an up-to-date list of names and addresses of the ATOCP Executive Committee.

Regional branches: There are regional groups across the UK . Each has a committee and a representative who actively participates in the ATOCP Executive Committee. This ensures that close links are maintained across the group.

Develop your networks: meeting a diverse group of individuals will enable you to broaden you contacts and open doors to enhance your portfolio. 

Career Development: being part of a network provides leadership and research experience outside of your comfort zone. 

Sponsorship: request financial support for work within trauma and orthopaedics. 

Access to Research Opportunities: Members are invited to contribute as much or little as they choose to orthopaedic research, development of NICE guidelines, and contribute to the website, to publish audits, advertise lectures and courses. 

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