Virtual Clinics: A descriptive survey of the different models in use within the UK

Calling all qualified physiotherapists!

We are a group of third year physiotherapy students at the University of the West of England currently undertaking a research project for our dissertation.

Our research is looking into the use of Virtual Clinics across the UK. Virtual Clinics are becoming increasingly popular. However, it is currently unclear what types of clinics are being implemented. Our aim is to gain an understanding of how these clinics are being used.

We are looking for qualified physiotherapists to take part in a short survey. Completion should take no longer than ten minutes. If you would like to take part, please access the survey via the link below. Findings will be summarised and a report sent to the Chair of the ATOCP.

The survey can be accessed through the following link:

The survey will remain open until the 14th March 2020.

We will be very grateful for your time!


Yours Faithfully,

Racheal Duncan, Cerys Watcyns, James Udejiofo, Robert Brenher & Jerzy Mucha

3rd year Physiotherapy students, UWE

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