Dear All,
You are invited to review the documents attached as multi-professional and multi-organisational stakeholders in MSK practice. These document have been developed in conjunction with the  MSK partnership group which has  mutli-professional representation from  MSK providers.
The documents provide the governance framework for a portfolio route to advanced musculoskeletal (MSK) practice and the elevation of the IFOMPT standards in UK language. It will inform individual multi-professional MSK clinicians following, or intending to follow, a portfolio route to Advanced Practitioner (AP) status, as well as providers preparing to deliver portfolio routes to advanced MSK practice.
This work supports the primary care educational roadmap to AP, MSK clinicians working in secondary care, in acute settings , in the community and clinicians working in the private sector creating a standardised governance structure multi-professionally for MSK.
We apologise in advance for the tight turn around, but please could we have any comments back by the 1st October.
Many Thanks for your support in shaping this multi-professional piece of work.
 Amanda and Helen
Amanda Hensman-Crook DipPhys, Msc, FCSP
HEE AHP National Clinical Fellow
Consultant MSK Physiotherapist
Health Education England
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