Thinking about joining the ATOCP?   This page will explain the benefits you would receive, the different types of membership that we offer and the methods in which you can join.

What membership offers

Free subscription to our publication which comes out three times a year and Guidelines of Good Practise for Physiotherapists Working in Orthopaedic.

Educational evenings and events are organised throughout the year. This ranges from evening lectures to our annual conference.

Peer support/mentorship Members have access to local and regional committee members for advice and support. The CSP holds an up-to-date list of names and addresses of the ATOCP Executive Committee.

Regional network There are regional groups across the UK . Each has a committee and a representative who actively participates in the ATOCP Executive Committee. This ensures that close links are maintained across the group.

Publications All members are able to contribute to the magazine, to publish audits, advertise lectures, courses garner opinion from colleagues.

Who can join

Individuals with an interest in Orthopaedics are welcome to join the ATOCP.

Full membership - £20 (open to all Chartered Physiotherapists)

Student membership/Associate membership - £10

Retired membership - £10

How to join Online

This is the easiest and quickest way to join, using our secure online process.  It typically takes 3-5 minutes (if you already have a CSP website account) and access to ATOCP member content on the website is immediate. 

If you do not have a CSP website account you will need to create one first, to do so click on 'Register' and again follow the instructions.  If you have an account but have forgotten your login details, click on 'login' and then click on 'reset your password'. You will get an email to enable you to reset your password.

Applicants holding a non UK bank account can only be made using the paper application process.

Cancellation of Membership: If you are unable to continue your membership with the ATOCP then please cancel the direct debit payment yourself with your bank before the next payment is due. This generates an automatic message to inform the membership secretary of termination of the payment.

Standing orders will no longer be accepted after April 2020. Please cancel any SO due to come out of your account after the end of March as membership at this point can only be via Go Cardless payments and your membership will be cancelled unless paid in this way (and you may still be charged). Please cancel SO directly with your bank-we are unable to do so.

Expectations of members

Participation in regional group activities and attendance at national conferences and the AGM. Members are also encouraged to network through national and regional groups to facilitate good practice.

Have you recently joined the ATOCP? More details below...

**We are no longer sending out welcome emails-please see the information below about your membership**

Welcome to the ATOCP!    Thanks for your recent payment for ATOCP membership.

Your membership will automatically renew around the same payment time next year.  If you wish to cancel your payment at any point, please do so directly with Go Cardless. We will then get notification.

In order to receive emails from us, you will need to ensure you have selected to receive ATOCP emails in the ‘Your Account’ section of the CSP webpage. If you do not select this, we are unable to send you emails due to latest GDPR legislation.

If you have not had any emails from us recently, please check this on your main CSP account, as well as checking your email address is correct (the ATOCP use the same email address as the one you have registered with the CSP).

You now have access to the ATOCP members-only section of the webpage so please take a look.

If you have any questions, please get in touch:

Further information

  Contact us if you have any questions or require further information about membership.