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ART Feasibility Questionnaire


We are looking to open additional hospital sites to the ART study (please see details below). If you are interested in this study, please review and complete the attached Feasibility Questionnaire and return this to Lee.Tbaily@poole.nhs.ukbefore 11th March.



Study Acronym: ART: The Ankle Recovery Trial

Study Title: Does early mobilisation after Ankle fracture surgery enhance Recovery?  A pragmatic multi-centre randomised controlled Trial with qualitative component and health economic analysis comparing the use of plaster versus removable support boot.




The study is currently open, with recruitment scheduled to close in August 2017. 
At each site, we are looking to identify a local Principal Investigator with support from a physiotherapist(s) trained in Good Clinical Practice. We understand that not all sites will have a dedicated Research Physiotherapist, in which case we would be looking for a physiotherapist(s) with an extended research role to coordinate the study at each site.


If you have any further questions regarding the study or feasibility questionnaire, please do not hesitate to get in touch:


Lee Tbaily (Trial Manager):                 
Chris Hayward (Senior Trial Manager):

Mr. Bob Sangar (Chief Investigator):


Many thanks,                                                                                                                                                                                        

Lee Tbaily

Trial Manager – ART
& Study Start-up Facilitator

Research & Innovation

Park View House

Poole Hospital

Longfleet Road

BH15 2JB


Tel:  01202 44 (2025)

Fax: 01202 44 (8238)



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